ParameterUnit value
parameter CATCATI cat
parameter HeightHeight900-1100 mm
parameter WidthWidth640 mm
parameter Minimum HPMinimum HP12 hp
parameter WeightWeight55 kg
parameter Working depthWorking depth500 mm
parameter Removable blades: LengthRemovable blades: LengthRemovable blades: Length...300 mm
parameter Removable blades: ThicknessRemovable blades: ThicknessRemovable blades: Thickness...20 mm
parameter Removable blades: WidthRemovable blades: WidthRemovable blades: Width...70 mm
parameter Spacing between the 2 lower pointsSpacing between the 2 lower pointsSpacing between the 2 lower points...500-620 mm
parameter Thickness of the armThickness of the armThickness of the arm...20x150 mm
parameter Shank widthShank width150 mm
parameter Pipe Layer: weightPipe Layer: weightPipe Layer: weight...10.5 mm
parameter Pipe Layer: øPipe Layer: ø50 mm
parameter Working depthWorking depth500 mm
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